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CVA created a program called "Al Rescate" which when translated into English it means "To The Rescue". Jarrod Joseph and Bree are going to collect items for the Farm Workers and their families of The Central Valley. The items they need donated are food, baby items, clothing, blankets, coats, shoes, hygiene items, furniture, and more. All the items can be used or brand new. CVA will collect the items and then deliver the items in person to the families. CVA needs your help! We need items donated and we need to know about families in need. Please email jose@dekoposh.com for location to deliver your items and to let us know of Farm Workers in need.

Thank you...CVA

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Monday, August 11, 2008

To Peel or not to peel!!

Jarrod Joseph Reporting:

Hey Central Valley-We just wanted to clear up confusion today on Mega Monday. What fruits and vegetables to you peel before you eat them? Do you know, do you know? Here is what we discovered at CVA...

Apple don't peel. An apple with its peel provides almost twice as much fiber, 50 percent more vitamin A, and 25 percent more potassium as one without it. Make sure you wash it very well.

Cucumber peel. Most of the cucumber's fiber comes from the seeds, and you won't lose too much potassium, either.

Carrot peel. The texture of unpeeled carrots can be a turnoff, and peeling won't cost you much potassium, vitamin A, or fiber.

Peach don't peel. The flesh and the skin are packed with vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber. If you don't like the fuzz go for a nectarine instead.

We hope this helps. Leave your comments here!

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