"Al Rescate"

CVA created a program called "Al Rescate" which when translated into English it means "To The Rescue". Jarrod Joseph and Bree are going to collect items for the Farm Workers and their families of The Central Valley. The items they need donated are food, baby items, clothing, blankets, coats, shoes, hygiene items, furniture, and more. All the items can be used or brand new. CVA will collect the items and then deliver the items in person to the families. CVA needs your help! We need items donated and we need to know about families in need. Please email jose@dekoposh.com for location to deliver your items and to let us know of Farm Workers in need.

Thank you...CVA

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  • Sam the Chef
  • The English Roses
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

We are Ready To Start

Hey Everyone...Welcome to Central Valley Attitude!! Bree and I are so excited to bring you the Central Valley Attitude News just for Kids. We bought our Video Recorder, but didn't like it, so we have another on order. As soon as it arrives we will be on video and you can watch us each and everyday. We are going to bring to you the weather, the air quality, the news, and all the events that relate to kids!! Finally, right? We welcome your comments each and everyday. We love to hear from you. Let me introduce to you all our staff...
Our mom (Mommy) Dina the owner of Green4Kids, and dekoposh, Inc..
Our Dad (Papi) Jose the owner of DentiLinx.
Now, they add the producers of Central Valley Attitude to their work schedule!
Me---Jarrod Joseph, my personal blog is located at People Movers.
Bree---My lovely Sister and her personal blog can be located at Bree's Virtual Playground.

Our emails...
Jarrod Joseph email jarrod@dekoposh.com
Bree email bree@dekoposh.com
Dina email dina@dekoposh.com
Jose email jose@dekoposh.com

Spread the word---Central Valley Attitude is coming soon right here on Video!

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Anonymous said...

hey jarrod and bree it's me cameron i have'nt seen you in a really long time i hope you guys are doing pretty good i just wanted to say hi because me and maxwell really,really,really miss you guys alot tell jayden that me and maxwell said hi oh and also tell va vah and popo that maxwell said hi to because maxwell really,really,really misses vavah he asks about her every single day so i guess thats it and maxwell wanted me to tell you guys to tell vavah that he loves her and misses her a whole bunch so good-bye you guys talk to you later.

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