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CVA created a program called "Al Rescate" which when translated into English it means "To The Rescue". Jarrod Joseph and Bree are going to collect items for the Farm Workers and their families of The Central Valley. The items they need donated are food, baby items, clothing, blankets, coats, shoes, hygiene items, furniture, and more. All the items can be used or brand new. CVA will collect the items and then deliver the items in person to the families. CVA needs your help! We need items donated and we need to know about families in need. Please email jose@dekoposh.com for location to deliver your items and to let us know of Farm Workers in need.

Thank you...CVA

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello Cameron and Maxwell - We miss you

Hi Cameron and Maxwell...we just want to tell you how much we miss you! We just wished your mom and dad were not so mean to Vavah an PoPo and we could all still be a family. Why did your mom do this to all of us? (do you think your mom is crazy) Me and Bree just don't understand. We missed Maxwell's birthday and now yours Cameron. Your mom doesn't even invite us, what did we do to her? Why Why Why? We know that your mom is telling everyone that Vavah and PoPo kicked you out but I hope you know that is not true! Your mom and dad (Dennis) stopped paying the house payment because they were mad---this is so dumb. Can't you talk to your mom and tell her she is being crazy. We really miss you, we pray all the time that your mom will come to her senses. Hey Cameron, did you get Vavah and PoPo's birthday present? We want to send you one, but your mom will just throw it away. You guys should really talk to your mom. We overheard our parents saying that the house you are living in is not even yours, what? Are you going to have to move again? We feel so bad for you, so glad our parents are the best! Well hopefully you can leave us a message here and we can talk to you.

We just want you to know that we really miss you and so do Vavah and Popo. Vavah is always crying now-she misses you so much. You should call her. Please Cameron and Max leave us a message. Hey Bree's birthday is next Saturday, wished you could come. We are going to take a train ride and get some ice cream. Should be fun but it won't be the same without you guys.

Talk to you soon we hope!

Jarrod and Bree


camcam said...

bla bla bla bla bla leave my family alone if ur gunna talk about my mom like that g bye from cameron johnathon nieve

Anonymous said...

hey its me cameron me and maxwell just wanted to say that we love u guys and vah vah and popo and we miss u all alot and vah vah me and max dident forget all about ur birthday we wanted to say happy birthday but we dident have anyway to conntact u and can u guys please just makeup with dennis and my mom so we can all start seeing eachother again cuz i really miss everyone AND VAH VAH I LOVE U so much and since i dident get to say happy birthday on ur birthday we and max wish u a happy late birthday and if u want to talk to max at all just call me on my cell phone number my cell phone number is 12096054674 but just call 6054674 well i hope u guys get this message and if u call my cell phone number i will let u talk to max cuz i know how much u guys love him and miss him and i really miss u guys to soooooo if u get this message just call that number please ok well gotta go bye luv ya guys and i hope u call my cell phone to talk to max cuz he really wants to talk to u he tells me how much he misses u guys every single day and i say i know i miss them to well bye and dont forget to call that number

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